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Nexactly LIMS, Your all in one lab solution.

Nexactly LIMS is a complete solution adapted by laboratories to meet their requirements and mitigate lab-based challenges.


About Nexactly LIMS

Nexactly LIMS or Laboratory Information Management System is a complete solution adapted by laboratories to meet their requirements and solve lab-based challenges.

From sample management to COA approval, from Client management to Finance management, Nexactly LIMS has been developed to increase Laboratory performance, Eliminate Human Error, & reduce pen & paper-based system for data collection.

Why Nexactly LIMS ?

Nexactly LIMS automates numerous tasks and eliminates human intervention, result in quick and accurate report generation, QC control, Finance management, and inventory management.

Moreover, it strictly ensures each operations comply with domestic or international standards. Ultimately, our product will maximize the scalability of your business. return on investments (ROI), and allows you to excel in a competitive environment.


Manage Your Lab Efficiently

Sample management system

The SAMPLE MASTER carefully manages the sample by collecting the required information.

  • Our product keeps a record of each sample
  • From the initial stage of induction till the end it tracks the sample, and store detailed information such as its source, manufacturing date, expiry date, batch number, batch size, and all important data.
  • It also manages the information about the test to be performed on the sample, the department in which the sample will be allocated, and the status of the sample.
  • It reduces data loss and eliminates human errors.
  • Ensures simple integrity, and easy functioning of each process.

Test management system

The TEST MASTER allows easy tracking, controlling, and monitoring of test. Moreover, it enables users to manage the easy entry of data, approval of results, and generation of reports.

  • It stores information of Product/Test.
  • It manage the total number of tests, data of allocation of tests, collects information of tests that are going to be performed on samples.
  • Organize each sample priority wise.

COA management system

The COA MASTER is one of the significant feature of Nexactly LIMS that allows Laboratory to examine the sample.

  • QA/QC will check the sample results and parameters to approve and dissapprove the sample for COA generation
  • Stores COA generation details like Sample name, ID, Client name and date of COA generation.
  • Easy to check the viability of a given sample.
  • Easy to mail COA to client

Add-On Features

Finance Management
  • Manage Invoice, Quotations and payment details.
  • Easily track different modes of payments.
  • Examines Client's credential details.
  • Generates an alert when the client dominates the credit limit.
Inventory Management
  • Track the depletion of stock.
  • Automatic alert feature.
  • Reduce over-ordering & waste of reagents.
  • Re-order in advance to prevent delays.
Data Management
  • Manages data of each sample.
  • Manage tests carried out in past.
  • Check the viability of a given sample.
  • Facilitates the development of new scientific methods.

Customize Dashboard

Excel Your Competition With Benefits

One of the most affordable and value-for-money products with a good return on investment (ROI).

Built with sophisticated technology, it is highly adaptable, compliant, and user-friendly software.

Support end-to-end privacy and security that prevents unauthorized modifications and data breaches.

Minimise extra efforts and wastage of time by using inbuilt electronic sheets to collect all testing data.

Easy to handle lab operations, complex configuration, set parameters for test, verify results and generate reports.

Receive real-time inventory notifications to keep your stocks up-to-date.

Receive on-time alert notifications about credential details of clients.

Easily send quotations or important alerts to clients via Email/SMS facilities.

24/7 Expert Support For Our Customers

A 24/7 client support from Nexactly Solutions in case operations halts, product issues or any unusual errors have generated.

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